Maintain performance while reducing power consumption!

Giving the low power system to reduce the characteristics

In the past 10 years, has been focused on low-power technology research, has introduced a microcontroller and embedded microprocessor product line. Many integrated peripherals and design techniques are used to minimize power consumption in real-world applications, including:

Integrated hardware DMA and event system for unloading CPUs in active and standby modes
The clock is turned off or down, or the supply of the equipment part is not used
With intelligent peripherals, the CPU can stay longer in deep sleep
Wake up quickly from low power mode
With full function of low voltage operation
Achieve low leakage transistors in MCU design and high performance equalization

The technology in the microcontrollers gives us a higher level. From below you can learn more about the technology and learn how to use it with advanced design examples and detailed application notes (including code examples). You can also download a recorded online seminar or register a practical lecture. Let's start and try it now.

All devices are designed to minimize power consumption, from transistor design, process size, sleep mode, flexible clock options, to intelligent peripherals, all reflect this point. The device can operate at voltages as low as 1.62V while still maintaining all functions, including analog functions. Wake-up time is very short, there are multiple wake-up source can wake up even the most deep sleep mode.

Users can not directly manipulate some of the elements of technology, but these elements constitute a solid foundation to ensure that ultra-low power application development will not be discounted in functionality. At the user level, flexible and powerful features and peripherals enable you to apply a wide range of technologies to further reduce overall system power consumption.