"Value-added services", its true meaning in the content is scalable, both the general sense of the value-added services, including a deeper level of extension services. The deeper extension service here is the key to the success of third-party logistics companies, referring to three unique value-added services - customer value-added experience, logistics solutions and IT services. These three types of value-added services depend on each other, for third-party logistics enterprises have different from other competitors of the characteristics of business, enabling enterprises according to customer needs and specific issues to provide appropriate solutions, the practical significance of " Value-added experience as the center, to logistics solutions and IT services to achieve the means to strengthen value-added services. "
"Value-added services" can also be used in the retail service industry, mainly refers to the "special services", while ensuring the basic services, beyond the conventional, personalized service. For example: in the shop after the basic service process, to provide membership services, door-to-door service, at the holiday to send blessing card, in the dressing room placed small combs, slippers and so on.
Because "value-added services" is a leading, personalized service experience, so after most of the start to use, it becomes a must have a common service process, it is not a so-called "value-added" function. For example: when all provide door-to-door service, the door is not a value-added services, and be regarded as the basic service process