Through the development and implementation of service standards, as well as the use of standardized principles and methods to achieve the goal of quality of service, standardization of service methods, service process procedures, and thus access to quality service process, known as service standardization. It should be noted that the quality of service objectives, standardization of service methods and service process of the three are inseparably the whole, by which they together to achieve the function of standardization services.


A Brief Analysis of the Composition of Science and Technology Innovation System in Modern Service Industry
Standardization is an important feature of modern service industry that distinguishes itself from traditional services. The scientific and technological innovation system from the perspective of open and complex giant system theory will be standardized as the important technical support of scientific and technological innovation, and it will be regarded as the axis of technology 2.0 in the technological innovation system and knowledge society environment. Standardization plays an important role in the technological innovation of modern service industry.


Service standardization research areas focus on service standardization policy and theory, production services, consumer services, consumer protection, consumer goods and other areas of the basic application of research and standardization of research; service standardization information sharing mechanism, evaluation system, certification (SAC / TC264) Secretariat; assume the International Organization for Standardization Consumer Policy Committee (ISO / COPOLCO) China (hereinafter referred to as the "International Standardization Organization"), the National Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC264) National Committee Secretariat work, counterpart ISO / COPOLCO.
From the mid-80s of last century so far, China Standardization Research Institute is committed to service standardization research work, is the earliest to carry out the standardization of service research institutions. More than 20 years, a total of more than 30 national standards for the development of services, the first time to establish China's service standards system, the preparation of China's first "national service standards development plan", many times for the industry, local and business departments to provide services standardization consulting And training, and comprehensively promote the standardization of our services.


The standardization of service can be carried out from different perspectives and side-by-side aspects. It is discussed from the following two aspects: First, the service process level, that is, the service delivery system, to provide customers with the orderly service steps to meet their needs, standard
Service standardization
Service standardization
, Requiring the provision of the same steps for the target customer who is fit for this process service standard. Second, the specific level of service provided, that is, in the various aspects of human services in one side, in a service contact or "real moment", the service staff to show the instrument, language, attitude and behavior.