Green energy into the households

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Clean energy installed accounted for more than 60%, "green power" lit life; become the world's largest supplier of photovoltaic materials, nearly 1/3 of the world's silicon material, 1/4 of the silicon from the " "Along the way" to achieve the wisdom of the energy business of large-scale layout

September released 2017 Chinese enterprises in the top 500, Xie Xin Group ranking increased by 32, continue to live in the new energy industry first. At the same time, Xie Xin and domestic well-known high-tech enterprises together to enter the top 10 Chinese private technology innovation enterprises.

"In the future, Xie Xin will, as always, adhere to innovation, the green energy into the lives of ordinary people." The company is committed to the development of innovation and innovation.

Technological innovation to help enterprises lead

Recently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council formally issued the "on creating a healthy environment for entrepreneurs to carry forward the spirit of outstanding entrepreneurs to better play the role of the views of entrepreneurs," for the first time specifically in the form of documents, clear the status and value of entrepreneurs. Zhiyu Group Vice Chairman Zhu Yufeng said, "Opinions" introduced, marking a truly advocate entrepreneurial spirit, relying on innovation-driven development of the era of official opening.

Committed to the "green energy into life," the Association Xin people, never forget - in 2019 before and after the realization of photovoltaic power generation side parity online. Zhu Yufeng said that this is not out of thin air out of rhetoric, but with the confidence to support innovation.

From 2006 to 2016, Xixin Group's Jiangsu Zhongneng Silicon Technology Development Co., Ltd. from the foreign technology constraints, through independent innovation, independent research and development of the GCL polysilicon production method, single-line production capacity increased by 10 times, and consumption indicators and production costs It is doubled down. Zhu Gong Shan told reporters, it is to rely on innovation, in the silicon product line, the association Xin formed a "Xin polycrystalline", efficient ingot type single crystal, diamond cut polycrystalline and black silicon four series of products, products from the past Of the polycrystalline into a single crystal, polycrystalline, covering the mainstream market demand.

Independent research and development of the diamond line cut polysilicon technology has a number of obvious advantages, cutting efficiency can be increased by 40%, higher unit yield, less consumption of accessories, cutting costs can be reduced by 20%. While the wet black silicon technology battery efficiency can be increased by about 1%.

Xixin new energy companies rely on innovation, the use of solar flat shaft, oblique single-axis tracking bracket, double-sided double glass and other technologies to increase the power generation of about 15%, making the company always in technology and cost to maintain industry-leading position, Become the industry's first to achieve parity power generation photovoltaic enterprises.

The company's annual investment in technology research and development accounted for 3% of revenue, far higher than the average manufacturing enterprises.

Accelerate the construction of intelligent manufacturing system

A microwave slicer, generating more than 700 data in one minute, collecting these production data into the "cloud", through large data analysis, to find the best process, the best mode of operation and detection methods to promote the production efficiency Ascension. Suzhou Association Xin Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. through large data analysis, an increase of 0.5% of the excellent rate, a year increase of tens of millions of dollars in profits.

Last year in September, Xie Xin released intelligent factory road map, manufacturing automation, process management, digital, enterprise information network, intelligent manufacturing cloud into a new building intelligent building four important steps. Zhu Gongshan introduction, GCL Xixu photovoltaic manufacturing industry is expected to achieve the end of 2017 70% of the entire process of automation level, in 2020 to achieve the whole process of automation and information docking work, 2025 to achieve intelligent factory.

"In the process of intelligent manufacturing promotion, innovation also play a leading role." Zhu Gongshan told reporters, Xie Xin integrated intelligent manufacturing team independent research and development of high-speed automatic welding machine, high-precision layout one machine, robot palletizing system Series of intelligent equipment and systems, the transformation of 11 automatic components production line, import 28 automation projects, successfully build high-profile "black light factory", created 26 global industry first. "With the Internet, Internet of things, large data and other technologies into the whole process of manufacturing, intelligent planning, intelligent production, intelligent logistics become a reality, quality, cost are significantly improved." Zhu Gongshan introduction, according to preliminary estimates, intelligent workshop production efficiency 50% increase in manufacturing costs, 30% lower manufacturing costs, shorter lead times by 30% and improved quality by 21%.

Let the data fully integrate intelligent sharing

In the future, "Xie Xinyun" system will become the "brain" of GCL-Poly's intelligent factory, which will build, produce and service three large data centers, so that the data can be fully integrated and realized.

At the manufacturing end, it can effectively trace the product quality and production performance, support the production line optimization, equipment maintenance procurement, and quickly deal with the abnormal situation; in the operation side, can human demand, product design, market volatility, customer feedback and so on , To achieve two-way information integration; in the service side, you can build product maintenance expert system, support for accessories storage, analysis of key components such as life, reduce production and operation costs.

Relying on the construction of "Xiexin cloud" system, GCL-Poly's intelligent factory will integrate the supply chain, equipment management, quality inspection and logistics management system into a highly automated and informative integrated system factory.

Zhu Gong Shan said, Xie Xin 27 years of company history, is a "innovation and entrepreneurship endless" history. Shixin clean energy installed accounted for more than 60%, "green power" lit life; become the world's largest supplier of photovoltaic materials, nearly 1/3 of the world's silicon material, 1/4 of the silicon from " ; Together with the national integrated circuit industry investment fund joint venture founded in Jiangsu Xinhua semiconductor, built and put into production 5,000 tons / year of semiconductor electronic grade polysilicon base, the end of China's electronic grade polysilicon rely heavily on the history of imports; in the "one way" to achieve intelligent energy business Of the large-scale layout; in the national photovoltaic precision poverty alleviation action to achieve the scale of 2016 first. In addition, Xie Xin for two consecutive years in the global new energy companies in the top 500 ranked second, for many years ranked first in China's new energy industry.