Simple introduction and selection of power inverter

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The power inverter is a backup uninterruptible power supply. AC high-speed conversion, which is mainly completed by the DC to AC inverter, as well as the exchange of electricity and inverter high-speed conversion. Usually can be set according to the application of DC main or AC main use, by the static switch control high-speed switching.

The main internal structure of the power inverter is as follows:

Filter section: input filter for the input DC power supply noise filter, get a smooth DC, into the inverter. The output filter filters out the output harmonics and disturbances, making the output smoother.

Inverter: convert DC power to sinusoidal AC power.

Control part: control the inverter power supply to follow the base power, and keep the same phase and frequency, automatic adjustment, and the power within the specified range, in accordance with the set value of protection operation or protection.

Display part: LCD and LED status simulation disk, accurately reflect the equipment running status and fault information.

Switching part: automatic switching of bypass, mains and inverter output power.

The structure of the power inverter is as follows:

Rack type: also known as drawer, easy to install and wiring cabinet; group cabinet installation more beautiful, more coordinated.

Vertical: also known as floor type.

Power inverter and ordinary UPS power supply difference and advantages:

The use of power plants or substations existing DC screen, installed power UPS or power inverter power supply uninterruptible power supply, than the conventional UPS has many advantages. "Reliable DC + Reliable Inverter", can provide more efficient and longer protection for the equipment.

1> DC terminal 220VDC / DC110V design (according to the existing DC screen or battery voltage level setting), you can use the substation or communication base station existing DC battery, you can save investment and greatly extend the standby time. Avoid duplication of investment.

2> Due to the above environment, the battery pack has a professional maintenance, life can be greatly extended.

3> with RS232 / RS485 communication interface to facilitate the background monitoring equipment working status.

4> rack design, easy to install cabinet

5> load capacity, can adapt to a wider load demand, voltage and output waveform more stable.

Power inverter product selection Note:

1: to determine whether the power-specific, power-specific power inverter, the internal structure containing DC / DC isolation, supporting the use of DC power supply, more secure and reliable. If a normal inverter changes the product, there may be a risk of electrical counter-irrigation, electrical damage to the appliance, or other risks.

2: Determine the actual size of the load, select the appropriate power inverter. Because if the selection is too large, investment waste; and power selection is too small, may be carrying capacity is not enough, lead the power inverter overload protection phenomenon. Therefore, the choice of power inverter, you should first determine the maximum impact power load, in particular, to consider the load inductive load, because the emotional load in the boot moment several times the impact of amplification. The actual power of the power inverter should be greater than the sum of the maximum power of all loads.

3: determine the required power inverter shape, DC voltage, product color, communication interface and other factors.

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