Multi - function inverter selection instructions

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Multi-function inverter, intelligent frequency pure sine wave inverter, ultra-high conversion efficiency, 50HZ / 60HZ free choice, the preferred use of the battery or the main use of electricity can be free to choose; super load capacity, eight protection Function, intelligent temperature control fan, with electricity complementary conversion function (UPS function), with electricity-assisted charging function, is a long-life design, superior performance of the inverter power; widely used in a variety of locomotives, industrial control, UPS uninterruptible power supply, military communications systems and other occasions;

1: Why is multifunctional inverter called multi-function?

Oerlikon power production of multi-function inverter with DC-AC inverter function, the output pure sine wave; with AC-AC high-speed conversion function, the conversion time is less than 6ms; by 50HZ frequency grid state, a wave of 20ms, The average power-down time is less than 10ms, to ensure that the conversion process equipment does not power does not fluctuate; with large current smart charging function, charging mode for the three-stage intelligent charging, more effective protection of the battery to ensure the normal life of the battery; Design and high-frequency inverter output efficiency, inverter efficiency greater than 90%, to ensure a higher product stability, but also to ensure the high efficiency of the product; frequency inverter structure design to ensure that the super Capacity, such as ships, heavy trucks, industrial equipment, air conditioning, television sets, cash registers, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, power tools, lighting, etc .; so called multi-function.

2: Multi-function inverter applications

1, industrial process control and application such as switching equipment, program logic control

2, the telecommunications industry hub and wireless applications and other occasions

3, data center and computer room

4, emerging energy industries such as solar energy, wind power, fuel cells and so on

5, car, such as car, modified cars, container trucks, freezers, outdoor cars and other vehicles to install large-capacity battery pack car occasions

3: multi-function inverter product features

1 high load capacity, not limited to load, strong load capacity

2. Quiet, efficient operation, the machine efficiency is greater than 90%

3. Front panel LED indicator + display display and adjustable switch selector

4. Optional set of lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, or glass fiber separator (AGM) batteries

5. Three-stage charging (high current charging, absorption, and float), effective protection of the battery

6 fast switch (mains and inverter output AC) standby power supply

7 Low idle current (less than 10 watts) can be consistent with the generator, in the absence of load to save energy.

8 power is too low, overload, power is too high, short circuit, too high temperature protection circuit

9. Enduring life in extreme environmental conditions

10. High overcharge capacity can bear a relatively large load, in the case of overload can be a stable treatment circuit board-like coating can protect them from corrosion and improve the service life of the reliability

11. Long lasting powder coating, corrosion resistant steel chassis

4: How to choose the most suitable multi-function inverter?

Oerlikon Electric power production of all-purpose inverter for the full power inverter, for the resistive load can be loaded at full load, the impact of the inductive load also has superior impact resistance, can reduce the inverter zoom Multiple, detailed contact with the company's business manager, will give you recommend the most appropriate inverter.